Our Services

Door Supervisor

Pentagon Security Force has experience in providing high-quality door supervisor security services for many years. Our team of professionals is licensed and assured to provide the best protection for your public events and buildings.

crowd management

Crowd Management

Different types of events have different types and sizes of the crowd. However, one thing needed for every event, regardless of the size and type of crowd, is crowd management service. A crowd out of control can ruin the whole event within minutes. That's why the Pentagon Security Force provides effective crowd management services.

event services

Event Security

Pentagon Security Force has years of experience in providing various event security services like the front of stage and event steward. Our services are available at a wide range of locations. The dedication of our team and accumulated knowledge in events is why we can provide a flexible approach when it comes to showing and event security.

management services

Management Services

A security management team is necessary to ensure that everything is managed properly. Pentagon Security Force has a highly trained management team that will ensure that you have a successful event. Our team will professionally assist you with all the event's security requirements.

close protection

Close Protection

The rapidly increasing rate of crime around the world is the reason threats of attacks on VIPs or those having financial worth has increased. Thus, the demand for close protection security service has surged.

front of house concierge

Front of House Concierge

Front of house security will first interact with your visitors and leave the first impression of your organization, brand, culture and building. Pentagon Security Force has highly trained and experienced front of house officers who assure to deliver professional services by creating a safe environment for your guests.

Incident management

Incident Management

Our experts understand that any incidents can happen at big events. Therefore, we have a highly trained incident management team of certified guards who will ensure that the event is restored to normal operation within minutes without causing any serious hustle and bustle. We have years of experience, and our professionals ensure that your guests get proper security during the incident.

front of stage

Front of Stage

Stage front is the place where security services need to be more alert. Along with being ready to deal with any issues, stage event security must be attentive enough to spot any risk signs. Additionally, even before an incident happens, dealing with that risk holds more value. Our front of stage security team knows how to spot people who can create an issue for the event.

Traffic Management

Everyone wants to get the best parking spot at events to easily come and go. Although there is no wrong with this, lack of traffic management causes many issues. Most of the time, parking spaces are not filled the right way, which sometimes causes mass traffic jams at events. The Pentagon Security force comes with the best event traffic management services. Our knowledgeable professionals know how to handle local traffic management for events.

manned guarding

Manned Guarding

We have a team of skilled manned security guards who provide safety, health checks and risk assessments. Thus, your team of guards will be tailored according to your requirements. Pentagon Security Force offers more than just recurrent patrols or security presence. Our mission is to make you feel safe in the presence of our manned guarding personnel


Event Stewarding

Getting event management and safety stewarding services is necessary for every event you participate in. These event safety steward services ensure that your event runs smoothly and securely. Our security steward team is full of professionals that can ensure that you get top-notch security irrespective of the type and scale of the event.

security services

Security Services

Pentagon Security Force is the leading security guarding agency with exceptional management skills. Moreover, we assure to keep your assets and business secure while maintaining our standards. Besides that, our professionally trained security team is SIA licensed.