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About Us

Pentagon Security Force is one of the best security company in Stoke-on-Trent & also across West Midlands region offering a wide range of security services where we provide fully trained SIA security personnel, including Static Guarding, Door Supervisors, Close Protection & CCTV installation.

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1st Class Customer Service

Nationwide Security Services

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Why Choose Pentagon Security Force?

✓  We Cover all kinds of Small & Large Events

✓  10+ Years of Experience

✓  High Standards

✓  1st Class Customer Service

✓  Highly Qualified Staff

Common Q's Asked To Pentagon Security Force

What types of events do you provide services for?

Our event management services are available for all types of events, whether a commercial party, sports event, music concert or any other huge gathering that you need security for.

What Duties Will Security Guards Offer?

Security guards are trained to offer a variety of services.

  • Supervising reception and gatehouses.
  • Patrolling the property or site.
  • Examining the site through a CCTV system.
  • Controlling an unwanted situation.
  • Providing management services.
Will there be any plan on how your company will manage security?

Yes, our specialized managers will share a complete pre-event management plan to give you an idea of how our experts will care for everything.

What will you do if something is about to happen?

Our team keeps a keen eye on everything and assure to catch the culprit before anything can go wrong. Moreover, we have special communication tactics that our team can easily understand without alerting the crowd.

Are there any special safety measures that you will take?

Yes, we will check all your guests and remove any illegal items they may have been carrying before entering the venue.

Why Should I Get Security Services For My Business?

Having your business fall victim to crime can impact your financial stability, reputation and growth. Therefore, having personal security can protect you from such issues.