Front of House Concierge


A front-of-house concierge will first interact with your visitors and leave the first impression of your organization, brand, culture, and building. Pentagon Security Force has highly trained and experienced front-of-house officers who assure to deliver professional services by creating a safe environment for your guests.

Events We Cover

Pentagon Security Force provides the best security for front of the house for a variety of events and locations. Whether it is a music event, sports event, or your public or private gathering, we will have everything secured and assured to provide you with the best services.

Why You Need Front Of House Security?

The front of house security can only fulfill various duties. Here are some of the reasons why you should hire them.

  • A front of house security officer will greet your visitors, staff and special guests as soon as they enter the venue or your office.
  • The security must guide the visitors and guests and help them with anything they need.
  • Having the front of house security gives guests the peace of mind that they are safe and protected.
  • Vandals and intruders will know that security is present, which means they will not be able to access the building and disrupt your event.

Why Hire Our Front of House Concierge?

Here are a few reasons why you should hire Pentagon Security Force.

  • Our entire team of guards is SIA licensed, and we assure to provide highly experienced officers for front of house security duties.
  • All your guests will have to go through scanning and checking, which helps to assure that no one is taking weapons into the venue.
  • Apart from the front of house security, we offer other services like manned guarding, door supervisors and close protection security.

To create a safe and secure environment at your event by hiring Pentagon Security Force for your front of house security duties. Contact our team for more information about the services.