Close Protection Service


The rapidly increasing rate of crime around the world is the reason threats of attacks on VIPs or those having financial worth have increased. Thus, the demand for close protection security services has surged.

We have a team of highly professional and trained close protection officers (CPOs) who can work as visible force or discreetly to assure that your security needs are perfectly met.

Close Protection Security Services, We Offer:

We are dedicated to providing high-quality security services for business leaders, celebrities, and families. Pentagon Security Force has employed highly experienced personnel who use their advanced skills, and knowledge as well as utilize the latest technology to keep you and your loved ones secure. This is the foundation of our company. Our high-quality close protection services include.

  • Personal protection
  • Bodyguard hire
  • Private security
  • Asset protection
  • Residential protection
  • Prevention of child abduction

At Pentagon Security Force, Providing Close Protection To:

  • Executives and VIPs
  • Celebrities in music, sports, TV, films and social media.
  • International and national dignitaries.
  • Journalists
  • Politicians
  • Solicitors
  • Barristers
  • Judges
  • High profile individuals
  • Court attendants
  • And more.

We have experience in providing close protection security in a variety of environments and scenarios. Our experts will manage the security after doing a risk assessment of the threats that you may have.

We update the level of protection depending on the safety that you require. Our mission is to offer complete peace of mind to our customers at any location in the world.