Logistics, Static Manned Guarding & Site Security Across Basildon


Finding perfect security services according to your needs in Basildon can be tricky. Pentagon Security Force offers its best security services in Basildon with a top-quality guarantee. We ensure to reduce security issues and problems for your company, property, and event with our experienced staff. Our staff has been trailed and tested using police and military surveillance techniques for proven results.

So, whether you need manned security services, logistics, or any other security guarding, Pentagon Security Services offers the best service quality in Basildon.

Logistics and Security Operations across Basildon

At Pentagon Security Force, we cover all logistics and security operations across Basildon. Here is an insight into the logistics and security operations services we provide.

· Special Event Security

We provide our security and logistics management services for all types of events. From personal meetings to bigger events, we ensure that your guests will not face any security issues and that the whole event goes smoothly. For such events, you also need to guarantee that only the authored personnel get inside, which we provide through our high-profile security services.

· Traffic Management

In addition to the event and crowd security, managing traffic routing towards your location can also be vital to monitor any unwanted activity and prevent attacks. Our traffic management services provide solutions to protect people within and out of your event through the right traffic routing techniques.

These services minimize the chances of unwanted accidents and traffic jams. All the authorized vehicles access the right parking areas while restricting unwanted vehicles for higher security.

· High-Level Risk

At Pentagon Security Force, we have PES(protected escort security) and SAP(Security Advanced Party) teams along with the security drivers. These teams are active whenever there are any issues. So, our men will monitor the whole event, and they can also conduct complete security audio upon the client’s request. The audit will cover everything on the premise, including the electronics.

· Construction Site Security

We have sector-specific teams comprising highly trained personnel for the protection of equipment present at your construction site. It ensures that the losses from thefts and burglaries are minimal. We do not only deploy our security team but also help with efficient security and theft prevention plans. So, nothing can be stolen from your construction site, including the machinery or anything else.

· Undercover Guards

Apart from the uniformed and visible guards, Pentagon Security Force has expertise in undercover security services. Our undercover specialists can determine threats from external entities and the workforce, including your staff. The undercover officers are disguised by dressing as your regular employees, so the bad entities cannot interpret their presence.

At the same time, these officers are trained enough to stop any criminal activity from getting successful.

Static Security Basildon

Our static security services can be tailored right according to your needs. With the right equipment and service quality, we ensure that the whole event is conducted without any disturbances.

· Manned Security

Having one or more static guards at your place can increase the effectiveness of your security, especially for businesses. We can provide you with a permanent static guard with his uniform and all the equipment to ensure the best security of your place. The manned security services also ensure to only allow authorized people inside while all the unauthorized people are restricted at the entrance.

Manned security services can also prevent theft and vandalism from outsiders or staff. So, you can opt for full-time or part-time manned security services to make your business completely secure.

· Crowd Control

At Pentagon Security Force, we provide crowd control services for personal and public events. Our teams are equipped with robust security plans to keep everything about your event smooth, from front-of-stage crowd control to front-of-door crowd control. Our security forces can provide you with the perfect security operations.

· Retail Security

Our retail security services come with proactive management and professional risk assessment with our competitive trained security personnel. Businesses and companies with integrated security services can opt for these to take a full grip on their security. Our men show full commitment, and through proper training, they can teach your on-premises security personnel to be effective under any security situation.

· Scene Securing

You need your surveillance services to protect your site from criminal activities, terrorist attacks, or activist groups. We provide 24/7 surveillance services to know what plans they are acting on and how to protect anything bad from happening. Our surveillance experts interpret all the information and trade the detailed events to make a detailed report about the threat.

With 24/7 scene securing services, the client can stay safe from any personal or public threat regardless of where they are.

Security Guarding Basildon

If you are looking for indispensable surveillance, then our security guarding services are what you need. Look no further, as Pentagon Security Force has these top-notch security guarding services for you.

· Door Supervision

Our door supervision services offer you the best solution to control and record the access to your place. These services can be deployed for private and public buildings to eliminate the risk of unauthorized access. Our door supervision service professionals come with any security equipment and tools as per the necessity of the job to ensure the highest job quality standards.

· Mobile Patrolling

Our mobile patrolling services provide a team of high-profile security professionals who make irregular movements according to the assignment. They are not static in their locations where the chances of the interception of the security services are higher.

Our mobile patrolling teams are trained to patrol in irregular patterns so that their movements are not exploited, and there is no room for any criminal planning or activity. These services are also efficient for the early detection of any criminal acts.

Security Guards in Basildon

We provide a much more personalized experience with security guards that stay with you all the time, and Pentagon Security Force offers close protection security guards.

· Close Protection

Bodyguards or close protection units are essential for your security. Being famous today is not easy as haters and fans from the public can attack you anytime. These close protection services are specially designed for business tycoons, government entities, and other celebrities.

The close protection unit from Pentagon Security Services will protect you from activist, criminal, or terrorist activity. We provide the exact type of service that you need, so if you want a highly visible bodyguard, we will provide you with that, and if you want a low profile and close undercover protection, then we can help you with that well.

How Pentagon Security Force offers the best security services according to your needs

Pentagon Security Force offers the best quality security services, from events to personal meetings and daily life security. At Pentagon Security Force, we ensure that all our quality standards for public and private security services are met.

Vast security guarding Industry Experience

Pentagon Security Force is the most reliable security option in Basildon, as we come with years of experience in the industry. Our security guarding services are available 24/7, and clients are ensured of the quality through routine and random visits from the managers to ensure the performance of the deployed security guards.

Our service quality makes several companies and personal clients opt for our security services.

Highest security standards with the latest equipment and techniques

We have the latest inventory of the latest security equipment. Our guards come along with a Guard Monitoring Device. It allows our control center to live to monitor the movement of every guard considering the assignment. This live monitoring updates data at the interval of 30 seconds to ensure the exact location is met by every guard.

Apart from other security equipment, our teams have an emergency button for the local supervisor, control room, and mobile patrol unit. It also intimidates the local police station regarding the emergency.

Customizable services for large and small events and other security services

Every client gets the same certified and trained staff for all security needs. From close protection and door surveillance to traffic control and crowd management for huge events, our men are trained to deal with every situation they are put through.

Additionally, all our personnel is licensed by Security Industry Authority so that they can provide highly professional experience and high service standards. Lastly, our security personnel can easily adapt to any environment or requirements our clients demand.

Qualified and well-trained staff to deal with every situation

At Pentagon Security Force, we hire our security personnel carefully. There is a thorough interview process with comprehensive testing to ensure that our security and guarding personnel provide the best experience to every client with reliability, honesty, and ethical working technique.

After careful selection, our employees undergo the training process and special training. We schedule I.Q. tests, drug tests, medical examinations, and criminal index testing to ensure we hire the most reliable people.


Security has become an essential need for events to manage crowds and traffic. Similarly, some people need personal security guarding services for better privacy and security. Are you looking for the best security services in Basildon to meet all your security needs? Pentagon Security Force might be the best choice for you. So, feel free to contact us for any queries about your service requirements.